Updated on Mar 28, 2023

Buying Guide: How to Choose RV TV Antenna?

Buying Guide: How to Choose RV TV Antenna?
Do you want to see a funny show on a boring highway?
While the purpose of RV camping is to relax and enjoy nature, that doesn't mean you can't watch TV in your RV during boring trips.
There are many ways to watch TV in an RV, but the most economical and convenient way is definitely to use an RV TV antenna.
As the name suggests, an RV TV antenna is a device that can help improve the TV signal and increase the number of TV channels in the RV. Having it means you'll enjoy more free HD channels in your RV.
Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to RV TV antennas and answer questions about how to choose an RV TV antenna. Don't miss out! 

What is an RV TV Antenna?

An RV TV antenna is a device designed specifically for RVs that receives a signal from a broadcast tower and converts the signal to a TV channel.
RV TV antennas are designed very differently than home antennas. They're made from lighter, more durable materials, which are perfect for the harsh outdoor environments.
Here's how a RV TV antenna works: It uses a metal rod to pick up a magnetic field from a broadcast tower and convert it into an electrical current. The current is then sent to the TV via a coaxial cable.

Types of RV TV Antennas

There are many types of RV TV antennas on the market, and each antenna type has a different function. Therefore, if you can understand its type, it will be easier for you to choose a suitable RV TV antenna. The good news is that we've already sorted them for you. You just keep reading.
Indoor Antenna: Indoor antennas can be mounted on a shelf or window inside the RV. Its advantage is that it is easy to set up. However, due to its limited capabilities, it has a smaller range for receiving signals.
Outdoor Antennas: The outdoor antenna is installed on the roof of the RV. It has the advantage of receiving a stronger signal from higher elevations. However, due to the outdoor antenna installed on the RV's roof, branches or other obstacles may damage it while the RV is in motion.
Satellite Dish: Satellite dishes allow you to receive signals anywhere because they receive broadcast frequencies from satellites in geosynchronous orbit. But it has the downside of not being able to tune into local channels when traveling because the subscription packages are based on your home address. 

How to Choose RV TV Antenna?

It is important that choose a right TV antenna for your RV. A good RV TV antenna can get a lot of great channels to your RV TV. Conversely, if the TV antenna doesn't match your RV TV, that's a big problem. In order to choose the suitable RV TV antenna, it is necessary to know its performance. Next, I'll detail 6 factors to consider when choosing an RV TV antenna.
1. Reception Strength
Reception strength is very important for an RV TV antenna. Stronger signal reception will help you get more TV channels in places with fewer broadcast towers.
2. Portability
Do you want a permanently fixed RV TV antenna or one that can be moved? Usually, a fixed TV antenna will give you a better signal, but its non-removable nature makes it difficult to protect it in bad weather. Portable antennas are easy to move and can be placed anywhere in your RV, but the signal it receives may be unstable as the location changes.
3. Antenna height
In general, the taller the mast, the better the reception. But if the mast is too high, there is a risk of hitting other objects and causing an accident.
4. Durability
Durability is very important for RV TV antennas, especially for outdoor ones. An antenna made of high-quality materials can effectively resist bad weather. In addition, an RV TV antenna with UV protection allows for constant exposure to sunlight without degrading performance.

The above 4 points are the most important factors to consider when choosing an RV TV antenna. By understanding these factors, you can better understand which type of RV TV antenna you need to buy.


RV TV antennas are very useful when you are traveling in an RV. Thanks to it, thousands of RVers can enjoy rich TV channels anytime. If you don't have an RV TV antenna, it's time to pick up one so that your RV trip will be more wonderful.

Last updated on Mar 28, 2023
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