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3 Best Long Range TV Antennas in 2023--Don't Miss Out

3 Best Long Range TV Antennas in 2023——Don't Miss Out
Do you spend too much money on TV packages but can't enjoy the smooth picture quality in HD? 
This question troubles many people, and you are not alone.
It is not difficult to solve this problem, and you just need an efficient tool to boost your TV signal
Yes, the efficient tool, I mean, is a TV antenna.

TV antenna can effectively enhance the TV signal and improve the clarity of the TV picture quality. 
As a result, using a TV antenna can bring you a clearer and smoother TV picture for free.
In this article, we will bring the 3 best remote TV antennas . If you're ready to take your TV viewing experience to the next level, let's get started! 

What to Consider Before Buying TV Antennas?

No matter what you want to buy, product research before buying is essential. The same goes for buying a TV antenna
The range, picture quality, and channels of the TV antenna are the main factors that make the difference between the products. Let's discover more details of these 3 factors.
1. Range
The range is a primary factor to consider when choosing a TV antenna.
The range represents the distance at which a broadcast source can be received by an antenna. The farther the acceptable distance for the TV antenna, the more TV channels you can get.
2. Picture quality
Have you ever manipulated the antenna on top of your TV to get a less-than-sharp image? But that was a thing of the past. Today's TV antennas are so sophisticated that they can provide a much clearer image than a digital signal.
3. Channels
The TV antenna can pick up local channels like FOX, CBS, CW, and PBS. Aside from that, the shows you'll be able to see are determined by your location; the closer you are to a major city, the more shows you'll be able to see.

3 Best Long Range TV Antennas in 2023: Reviews & Recommendations

After reading the previous section, you should have a basic understanding of TV antennas. So which long range TV antennas are worth buying? After several weeks of rigorous testing by our team, 3 excellent long range TV antennas were selected. Let's take a look one by one!

Best Overall  EX Amplifier Digital Antenna

Best for Long Range - Goxis

Best Stable for Signal Reception - Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped

Best Overall: EX Amplifier Digital Antenna

EX Amplifier Digital Antenna

● Free Access To At Least 120 TV Channels
● 80-150 Miles Signal Range
● 1080P HD Crystal-Clear TV 
● No Additional Subscription Fee
● Frequently Sell Out

The EX amplifier is one of the most popular TV antennas on the market. After our testing, it became the top recommended product.
We connected it to a TV to do a channel search, and it turned out to have over 120 channels, including major ones like NBC, FOX, and ABC. The point is that all of these channels are free.
The EX Amplifier also accepts a surprising number of signals. We installed it on the house 120 miles away from the cell tower, and it received a clear and smooth image. In addition, the pictures it transmits can reach high-definition level.
Best of all, all of this is available at no additional cost with EX Amplifier installed.
However, due to its great performance, this product is frequently out of stock.

Best for Long Range: Goxis


● 800+ Miles Long Range Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna
● Get Free Full HD Channels
● Good reception
● Reception power fails unexpectedly
● Overpriced

The best thing about Goxis is its widest coverage. We tested its signal reception range and discovered that it could pick up broadcast signals from 200 miles away. This range of coverage is ideal for use in rural areas far from broadcast towers.
Goxis also has excellent picture quality; nearly all of the channels we received were HD. It also worked well during the connection process and connecting to the TV only took a few minutes with no complicated steps.
However, the bad thing is that its signal sometimes disconnects, requiring you to connect manually. And its price is too expensive, far beyond the price of an ordinary TV antenna.

Best Stable for Signal Reception:Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped

Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped

● Stable reception
● Amplified and rated for 50+ miles
● Watch More Free HDTV
● Difficult instruction manual
● Fewer tv channels

Winegard surprised us with its stable signal. During our test, it could still provide a stable HD signal to the TV indoors, even in windy and rainy weather. While the Winegard has less range than the previous two TV antennas, its range of around 50 miles is more than adequate in most areas.
However, it searches fewer channels. During the test, we only reached about a dozen channels. In addition, we spent a lot of time installing it because of its complicated instructions.

TV Antennas Compared

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these three products, in order to compare their differences more intuitively, we review their performance from 5 dimensions: signal range, number of channels to search, stability, picture quality and price.

EX Amplifier
Signal Range
80-150 Miles 
200 Miles
50+ Miles
Number of Searchable Channels
At Least 120 Channels
80-100 Channels
20-40 Channels
Picture Quality
1080P HD
HD Channels
HD Channels

According to the above comparison, we recommend EX Amplifier to you. 
The reason is:
Goxis has the best signal coverage. Next came EX Amplifier, then Winegard. However, EX Amplifier's coverage is more than adequate for most users.
EX Amplifier can search around 120 channels. This product has a significant advantage over the other two.
Both EX Amplifier and Winegard have good stability. The stability of Goxis is not ideal.
EX Amplifier is only $39, which is very friendly to most people.

In short, EX Amplifier performs best in all aspects. So, if you want to get the most HD channels for the least amount of money, EX Amplifier is your best choice!

Long Range TV Antennas FAQs

Do I Need an Antenna for a Smart TV?

It depends...
Smart TVs often provide you a subscription service to connect to the internet and get access to streaming and live TV. But this requires a high subscription fee. 
On the contrary, the antenna can receive free signals without an Internet connection, and the received channels are clearer to watch.
While a TV antenna isn't a must-have for a smart TV, the two do complement each other well. So if you think subscribing to a TV service is convenient, you can continue to enjoy Internet TV. But if you think monthly subscriptions are too expensive, a TV antenna is a great way to save money.

Do TV Antennas really work?

Almost all TV antennas can pick up HD signals and provide high-quality channels. But the performance of a TV antenna depends on your geographic location. If you live downtown near broadcast towers, a TV antenna works very well. Conversely, if you live farther away from the city, the TV antenna may not receive a strong signal.

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