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4 Best Indoor TV Antennas 100 Mile Range

4 Best Indoor TV Antennas 100 Mile Range

You turn on the TV, ready to watch your favorite channel; only to find a dazzling blue screen saying, "No access"! Then it hits you that your subscription to that channel has expired.
Have you ever experienced this? I guess most of you would say yes.
Dump the expensive cable and satellite TV subscriptions now! You can enjoy uninterrupted TV time with the help of an indoor TV antenna.
There are a lot of great antennas on the market, but there is not necessarily one that is the best for everyone. You may be wondering how a TV antenna works and how to choose the best indoor TV antenna. 
Never mind! This article reviewed 4 best indoor TV antennas 100 mile range in every aspect. Keep scrolling and find the answers for yourself.

How Does a TV Antenna Work?

You can imagine the TV antenna as a little worker bee, tirelessly buzzing around, gathering electromagnetic signals from local television broadcast stations. These signals come in radio waves, traveling at the speed of light like a flock of birds. 
Then comes the important step...
These captured signals are transformed into an electric current and then sent off to the trusty coaxial cable. The cable takes this current and delivers it to the television set, where it is decoded and processed to create the beautiful images and sounds that we love to watch.
But wait, there is something else you should know:
These electromagnetic signals travel through the air; therefore, the closer you live to the television stations, the more channels and clearer pictures you will receive. In contrast, an extremely long distance and obstacles between you and the station can cause spotty pictures.

4 Best TV Antennas 100 Mile Range

Best Overall Pick: EX Amplifier Digital Aerial
EX Amplifier Digital Aerial
Pros & Cons

Pros                                                  +Works with any modern TV set
                                                          +Get most cable stations
                                                           +Wide range of applications
                                                           +Easy to set up and use

Cons                                             -Insuciffient stock sometimes

more details                     Range: 100 mile range | Supported resolution: up to 4K

                                           VHF/UHF: both | Dimensions: 8.2 x 0.02 x 4.7 inches                                                                         Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

    EX Amplifier TV antenna stands out from the four products. It can work with any TV set, even with an old one. You can enjoy most channels like NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, PBS, and some other channels like MyNetworkTV and The CW free and forever, without having to pay for expensive dish service at all! 
    In our real-scene test, the EX Amplifier showed its excellence all all aspects; it supports up to 4K resolution images, giving you a superb viewing experience. It shows best performance among TV antennas 100 mile range.
    The coax length is 12 feet. That's not very long, but if your TV set is close to the window, that would be exactly appropriate. In addition, it's compact and easy to set up while performing quite well, whether in crowded cities or rural areas. Most importantly, it has a 50% discount now! If you are interested, head over to the official site to find out more.

    Winegard FL5500A Flatwave TV Antenna
    Pros & Cons

    Pros                                                  +Ultra low noise amplifier
                                                              +Flatwave and saving room
                                                              +Easy to set up and use

      Cons                                             -Tiring use of the app
                                                                -Average signal reception

      more details                         Range: 50 mile range| Supported resolution: HD |                                                               VHF/UHF: both | Dimensions: 12 x 0.6 x 13 inches |                                                               Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

      Winegard FL5500A is interesting. It's like a small piece of the tablecloth; you can put it anywhere without taking up much space. This TV antenna has a low-noise amplifier and clear circuit technology built in to make the antenna work better. It collects signals from multiple directions and supports HD-resolution images. Its dual-band amplified reception can reach up to 50 miles, which is enough for people living in urban and suburban areas.
      It encourages the use of an app to complete the setup, but the process of using it is a little troublesome. After several tries, we completed the setup and tested its signals. Finally, we gave it an average score for its signal reception. We can tell the EX Amplifier does better in this aspect.

      Upgrade Pick: Goxis Digital TV Antenna

      Goxis Digital TV Antenna

      Pros & Cons

      Pros                                                  +45ft long coaxial cable
                                                                +360° reception design
                                                                +Free Full HD pictures

        Cons                                             -Few channels received

        more details                          Range: 100 mile range| Supported resolution: 4K |                                                              VHF/UHF: both | Dimensions: 5.91 x 3.54 x 10.24 inches |                                                    Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

        If you are looking for the best indoor TV antenna with a very long coaxial cable, then the Goxis Digital TV Antenna is suitable for you. It has a 45-foot-long coaxial cable, so you can move around in order to find the best place to receive signals. Goxis has a 100-mile range, so you can still receive stable signals even if you live far from a broadcast station. In terms of range, it is comparable to the EX Amplifier. Moreover, it has a 360° reception design and can provide crystal clear reception without static or interference. 
        However, the downside lies in its limited channel reception and cumbersome body. We only received several more channels than before, and you have to find a suitable place to put the unit.

        Budget Pick: HIDB Indoor TV Antenna

        HIDB Indoor TV Antenna
        Pros & Cons

        Pros                                                  +Budget-friendly
                                                                  +Free clear TV channels
                                                                  +Unique shape design  

          Cons                                                -Certain TV unavailable
                                                                    -Signals unstable
                                                                    -Few local channels

          more details                         Range: 35 mile range| Supported resolution: HD |                                                              VHF/UHF: both | Dimensions: 3.15 x 2.76 x 9.06 inches |                                                      Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

          Now you can access free, over-the-air TV channels if you have an insufficient budget! The HIDB Indoor TV Antenna can help you achieve that. This indoor TV antenna provides you with free, clear channels within a range of 35 miles. Thus, you can access some local news, sports, and entertainment channels. Plus, it has a compact triangular shape, so it's more stable to put it anywhere without much room being occupied. 
          There are still some drawbacks. In our tests, we tried to connect it to various TVs but found that this TV antenna sometimes doesn't work with a certain TV; you'd better check it with all your TVs when you get one.


          In short, indoor TV antennas 100 mile range can be a great addition to your home entertainment system. With the right antenna, you can access more local channels in HD, kicking your TV time up a notch. 
          Of all the products reviewed, the EX Amplifier TV antenna stands on the top; it's the overall winner with high performance and strong signal reception.
          Click here to get this TV antenna before the discount expires.

          Last updated on Mar 28, 2023
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